Management Model v2 5/26/2014

Our guild follows a traditional model of management, where there are more members than officers, and one guild leader.  That construct just works from a mamagement standpoint and from a supporting member entry point as well.  So, that being stated, there is nothing to limit anyone from providing ideas or feedback to anyone at any level, as long as the communication is made on a common level of respect that any adult would or should expect.

First and foremost, I do not lead by committee.  I will gladly take feedback, input, and advice - then I will make a decision.  Let's be clear, nobody is perfect and mistakes can and will be made from time to time.  These are opportunities to make corrections and learn better ways of doing things when given new opportunities.

I expect the community officers to help manage the day to day operations of the guild, and to support the chapters as needed.  I expect the chapter leaders and their officers to lead their in game guilds to prominence.  I expect members to respect the guild and chapter leadership, the veterans, and one another as any adult would expect or desire.

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