Leadership Roles v2 5/26/2014

Guild Leader: is the acting administrator and primary organizer for the construct known as the guild.  In this capacity, the GL provides an organizational baseline of supporting infrastructure with the support of participating members.  Additionally, the GL provides guidance and direction to ensure the guild is moving forward with defined goals and quantifiable objectives.  The GL maintains order with the assistance of the guild officers and the cooperation of the members policing themselves to the greatest extent possible. 


Adjudicator: is the primary reviewer of policy, to determine fairness.  This position is also the primary reviewer of grievances, once escalated past the officer level.  The Adjudicator holds the tribunal, hears the escalated policy issues, and makes judgement.  Additionally, the Adjusticator reviews the result of any other voting activities.  There should be at least one at the chapter level.


Officer: "the backbone of the guild" is a full member that has been selected to lead at the chapter or community level to provide the guild or chapter with support of a specified area such as: Recruitment; PVP; RAID Lead; Crafting; etc.  Chapter Officers lead within specified games, and Community Officers lead at the community (or UMBRA as a whole) level.  Officers are to be respected by all members.


Veteran: "the soul of the Guild" is a full member of the guild that has been with the guild for a least a year, has been a consistent force for guild progression and support, and has been proactive member of the guild.  Members and Prospects should respect Veterans.


Member: "the heart of the guild" is a full member of the guild in good standing with full access to all guild level activities.  Members are to be respected by Prospects, as members will provide input as to when Prospects should be elevated to full members.


Prospect"the wanna be" a person that has successfully passed the application and interview process and is given access to the guild TeamSpeak server, guild forums, and general interaction with guild members.  One can expect to be a Prospect from 30 to 90 days depending upon one's level of interaction, interest, willingness to support the guild, and overall personality.  This is a position that you can infuence in terms of your upward progression.  Asking to be promoted results in a 1 week extention of Prospecthood.


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