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UMBRA’s Charter

Guild UMBRA was founded on September 7th 2009 by Lord Hammer, Stilgar, and Malevol to provide an environment for experienced, mature, and relaxed individuals desiring community, purpose, progression and fun.

We gather to play online games as a multi-gaming guild, with chapters focusing on games that have more than 20 consistent players. We are a progression guild where the primary intent is to have FUN, through group activities such as RAIDING, PVP, and building immense wealth through innovative Gathering and Crafting activities.

Our policies are and will always be clearly displayed to ensure that standards are defined, quantifiable, and attainable to provide members with stability, fairness, and a logical level of expectation from all.

To achieve our goals, we will Recruit, Select, and Maintain respectful, experienced, and mature players from across the globe as we track Game Trends, build a robust Economic Base and focus on Activities and Efforts as needed.

Leadership begins here – participate and contribute. Respect yourself and your Guild mates, and support your leadership in a positive manner.

By this day, I command it:
- Lord Hammer

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