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We have formed a multi-gaming Community, tailored for mature and experienced gamers seeking a relaxed yet goal oriented environment. Our philosophy is simple, playing games with friends and people you like is FUN.  We are so much larger than any one game.  Leave your drama at the door.  
We are about supporting the guild, progression, and goal accomplishment.  The guild is a social outlet, not a social support system - such as therapy.  If you need constant attention then get a dog.  If you're an emotionally needy cream-puff that gets your feelings hurt easily, then this is NOT the right guild for you.  So, show up, suit up, line up, and shut up; be ready to execute.

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ESO Dark Anchors
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ESO PVP Cyrodil
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ZergID Event
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Wildstar Prep Meeting
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ESO PVP Cyrodil
7:00 pm GMT -4
ESO PVP Cyrodil
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Wildstar 101 Meeting
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ESO PVE Dungeons
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Wildstar 102 Meeting

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Wildstar Events on the way!

by Lord Hammer, 7 hours ago

Fresh on the heels of ESO, is WildStar - coming out May 31st for pre-order early access and June 3rd, for standard release.  Our Chapter leadership will be hosting a number of meeting events to brief members and answer questions concerning:

  1. Classes and Builds
  2. Crafting and Gathering
  3. Amps and and game Mods
  4. Maps, Grouping, and areas to be aware of for Open World PVP


We look forward to seeing you at these events, and also hope to host members from our Alliance Guilds to enhance and empower the fun.

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Show your pride!

by Lord Hammer, 3 days ago

Hey folks, Leper and the leadership team are doing a great job with the ESO Chapter!  The members playing ESO are making a great impression on the landscape; so much so, that Brian Wheeler (Lead PVP Dev) mentioned our guild, Leper, Rocco, and Tamriel Foundry by name as people they have seen do great things in Cyrodil for the Dawn Breaker campaign.  Please keep up the good work on the new campaign, and let's try to get some picks or vids up on this main website to show the rest of UMBRA all the cool stuff your doing.

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by Lord Hammer, 4 days ago

If you are interested in ArcheAge, then fill out this app and let me know your account name so I can try to get you some access: Glyph

I will need these back by tonight or the train leaves!

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