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We formed a multi-gaming community, tailored for mature and experienced gamers seeking a relaxed yet goal oriented environment. Our philosophy is simple, playing games with friends is FUN.  We are drama free - Cream Puffs need not apply.

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Crowfall Character Progression options

by Lord Hammer, 2 hours ago

Providing progression is key to any MMO, but this one has a few twists that will make interesting options available for experienced players.

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Best Gaming Tattoo EVER!

by Lord Hammer, 4 hours ago

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Crowfall gets funded!

by Lord Hammer, 2 days ago

Wow - Crowfall achieved almost all of their stretch goals...and because they were so close...they just gave the backers the final one for FREE as a "thank you" to all of the support.  Currently, it doesn't look like we have an overwhelming support level within the guild....so I will track that for the next year and a half.  Ultimately, I will insure that folks that want to play as a unit will have an outlet. 

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