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We formed a multi-gaming community, tailored for mature and experienced gamers seeking a relaxed yet goal oriented environment. Our philosophy is simple, playing games with friends is FUN.  We are drama free - Cream Puffs need not apply.

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Tesla keeps trying to talk me into this one

by Lord Hammer, 2 days ago

This game is being developed from the other half of the team that used to be Mythic entertainment.  The first group went to BioWare, and then left to go make ESO.  So, both ESO and Camelot Unchained draw their lineage from Dark Age of Camelot.  If you want to check out this game further, you can get more info here: http://camelotunchained.com/v2/ 


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ESO PVP Solo Sorcerer - Leper Si - "Bringer of Death&am

by L3P3R, 2 days ago

Made a video for people to watch and hopefully gets people more interested in playing. we have a good core group that plays with each other every day, please join us when the game goes Buy 2 Play March 17th this year.

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Hmmmmm - Crowfall with an intro from Raph Koster

by Lord Hammer, 3 days ago

Here is an intro to the game that Raegy hipped us onto last week.  The intro is from Raph Koster, the lead content developer from the original Ultima Online and SWG.  That may be enough for you to stop reading now; however, he has been a legend for the past 20 years in the MMO design space and has sold companies that have become successful.  So, he is not uninformed about the space.  Bottom line, the game at least has enough "known" quantities to investigate things (IMHO).  Check out more at: http://crowfall.com/ 

Alot more info on this can be found from an article from MMORPG.com here: http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game/1214/feature/9325/Crowfall-Building-Upon-Star-Wars-Galaxies-Crafting.html 

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Latest from the team at Star Citizen

by Lord Hammer, 3 days ago

For those tracking Star Citizen, here is what seems to be the latest in updates - right from the horses mouth.

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