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We formed a multi-gaming community, tailored for mature and experienced gamers seeking a relaxed yet goal oriented environment. Our philosophy is simple, playing games with friends is FUN.  We are drama free - Cream Puffs need not apply.

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Star Citizen Updates

by Buttniks, 15 hours ago

Hey gang,

     Lots of updates coming from Star Citizen. But first I wanna say a little bit of something about what we(Blindwanderer and myself) planned so far for us in SC. Some of us have put down a lot of money on the game. Even fewer spent thousands of dollars.  It's fair to say we have high hopes for this game. But for a few of us, it's becoming more than just a game. It's a universe we are looking forward to exploring and become a second home. We want the best possible experience for ourselves and anyone else willing to take a serious part in the SC Universe.


Vega 2 

The plan(So far).


We talked to a few people about what they want from Star Citizen. The answers varied, people want to explore, pvp, make money through trading and salvaging. Everyone has their thing. To accomplish anything we're going to need Credits (In game currency). Tons of it.


We thought about the best way to achieve our early goals is to start by exploring. Going out in teams with medium to large crew ships. The goal of the teams would be to find valuable systems with valuable materials. After a suitable place is found within our guidelines. We will establish a base of trading operations with reasonable defense force. At that time there will be two units. One will consist of miners, cargo ships, salvagers. The other will be providing defensive and offensive support to our logistics units. Once we reach our target amount of materials we will begin to sell them or horde them until the appropriate time to gain maximum profit. There will be a lot of moving parts and will require a lot of coordination. The payout will be worth it, with the profits we make we will buy whatever we decide as a whole to what will benefit us at a guild level. It might be more logistical ships, or more offensive/defensive ships. Or even our own space station to serve as our HQ. 

Mid game

During this phase we will start branching out into different areas. Traders will be holding guild events in which those who participate will be paid fairly for their time. Using guild resources like the guild Orion, Caterpillar, Merchantman or Reclaimer will need to agree to certain terms which are still undecided, but will be along the lines of a 60/40 split of profits. 60% will be split between everyone who participated, 40% will go to the guild bank for future purchases and maintenance.

People who wish to explore we will be also hold events were we will explore the farthest reaches in search of valuable materials, planet exploration, finding rare items like derelict ships, or schematics for weapons, components.

Our more aggressive bunch will be able to make credits through supporting our other ventures, or host their own hunting parties where they will... help people free themselves from their valuables.

Late game

By this time we will have a strong financial backing to do whatever we wish. We will have a strong economic force to support us, a strong fleet with several back up ships ready to go at any moment. We would have formed alliances of different sorts, economic, military, etc.



(Idris Frigate, one of our goal ships) 


There are many more details to these plans but this is a rough outline for everyone who wishes to join us. If you do wish to be part of this let Blindwanderer or myself know. Those who are still skeptical or have a negative attitude about the game, please kindly shut the fuck up and keep it to yourself, or GTFO.  


I will try to create weekly updates about the game or our plans here on the website. 


Thanks for reading,

Your pal, Buttniks. 

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