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We have formed a multi-gaming Community, tailored for mature and experienced gamers seeking a relaxed yet goal oriented environment. Our philosophy is simple, playing games with friends and people you like is FUN.  We are so much larger than any one game.  Leave your drama at the door.  
We are about supporting the guild, progression, and goal accomplishment.  The guild is a social outlet, not a social support system - such as therapy.  If you need constant attention then get a dog.  If you're an emotionally needy cream-puff that gets your feelings hurt easily, then this is NOT the right guild for you.  So, show up, suit up, line up, and shut up; be ready to execute.

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ESO PVP Cyrodil
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ESO Actions

by Lord Hammer, 4 hours ago

Hey folks, we are ramping up the Wildstar chapter and some activities; however, I don't want the ESO Chapter to get over-shadowed in the process.  So, I am hoping we can show case some of the amazing work you the ESO chapter is doing through some in game pics, or updates, or even videos.  I am going to grab some of the live stream videos if I can find them in one place.

Bottom line, I think you guys are doing great things under Leper's leadership and I want you to show it.

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