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We formed a multi-gaming community, tailored for mature and experienced gamers seeking a relaxed yet goal oriented environment. Our philosophy is simple, playing games with friends is FUN.  We are drama free - Cream Puffs need not apply.

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user avatar Got WoW?
 2hours ago4 Replies
user avatar EQNEXT bringing old school Trinity back
Midnight Lost
 4hours ago7 Replies
user avatar Got ArcheAge?
 7hours ago35 Replies
user avatar PAX this year?
 11hours ago6 Replies
user avatar Archeage launch!!!
Midnight Lost
 3days ago2 Replies
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 8days ago1 Replies
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 8days ago6 Replies
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 12days ago2 Replies
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 12days ago3 Replies
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Got WoW?

by Lord Hammer, 4 hours ago

So, I am thinking about playing Warlords of Draenor; however I'm not going to do it without  some peeps.  Also, who would be interested in going from zero to max level and then on to end game content?  Thus, if anyone is interested in then let me know.  I am not going to play an MMO by myself again.

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EQNEXT bringing old school Trinity back

by Lord Hammer, 24 hours ago

Go to minute 5:15 to hear it from Mr. Georgeson himself that there will be the old school trinity in EQNEXT.

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PAX this year?

by Lord Hammer, 2 days ago

OK, so PAX 2014 is now in the books.....  Did anyone see anything that grabbed them?  I am not sure I saw the next great MMO to be honest.  I am looking more into EverQuestNext as a potential game to focus on.  What are your thoughts?

On a side note, I am still enjoying leveling up my warrior in Wildstar and think that the next patch will have changes that may make the population return.  It also seems there are updates coming for ESO to do the same thing.  As we wait for those, I can also look forward to Star Citizen even if it is not a full blown MMO.  Again, what are your thoughts?

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