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We formed a multi-gaming community, tailored for mature and experienced gamers seeking a relaxed yet goal oriented environment. Our philosophy is simple, playing games with friends is FUN.  We are drama free - Cream Puffs need not apply.

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Wildstar Social Activities are coming

by Lord Hammer, 3 days ago

What's up all!  Starting next week, I am going to be working with the Wildstar Chapter folks to get a daily social activity going.  The basics are to get the chapter active as a group of 20+ versus 4 teams of 5 people and random group orphans looking for things to do.  So, at 8:45 pm Eastern I will be hosting a chapter meeting in the base Wildstar channel.  I would like to see as many of the chapter members there as possible, so we can:

 1. Meet and socialize briefly as a Chapter

 2. Provide any updates or news

 3. Assign the daily social activity:

       - DPS training

       - Class questions

       - Strategy help for adventures, dungeons, PVP, class builds, gear, etc

       - Chapter level gathering, dailies, rune crafting, gear advice and crafting

       - PVP

       - etc

 4. Orphan management, which is trying to get folks into groups, setup as alternates, or form new groups


Ideally, we need to be seen in numbers doing things as a chapter (in numbers).  I guarantee that if we are seen once or twice a week in the Northern Wastes doing dailies in 4 groups of 5 peeps.... Exiles will avoid us or bring their numbers to have some fun PVP and Dominion peeps that are not guilded or in weak guilds will want to join the fun.  Strength in numbers people, and commitment to team is the name of the game.  I am putting this together as I don't really see one chapter, rather I see 4 or so groups of 5 people teams.

The commitment should only be like 15 minutes a day for a brief meeting then the activity which should be long as it is fun.  This shouldn't interfere with progression groups in dungeons, and like most things you get out what you put in.  We will need to roll as 20 strong for Raids, so building the team now is an investment into our collective fun.  I will be chatting with folks about this, so hit me up with any questions.

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